Les Habitants, Besides

“Les Habitants, Besides” is a sequel of the duo’s third album Les Habitants, published a few weeks ago. It focuses on the practice of electronic improvisation. Recorded in three days and three nights, in Paris, in total darkness, Les Habitants aims to be a place of recognition of gesture as a creative act. No preparation beforehand, no benchmark, no intro or climax, only the interaction between two ways of producing spectral imprints. In this sound dialogue, electronics are the vector of total sincerity: the inhabitants target the listener, bringing them to live the experience of the moment that guides the “non-idiomatic” music of Seuil Optique, in which each sound, each transmitted waveform is dedicated to the inhabitants of the present.

Seuil Optique : Les Habitants, Besides
(Eg0cide Productions 2020, Eg0_232)


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